Bare Bones Board Basics – for the Private Company – Webinar Series™ 2022-2023

About the Series

Every corporation has at least some of the legal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by natural persons. As the brain can be said to govern a person’s actions, a board of directors governs the actions of a corporation. And leaving aside some legal nuances, the same can be said of the manager of an LLC. Publicly listed companies have active boards; they must. Historically, many private companies have not, though that has been changing rapidly over the past decade. The job of a board director can be quite difficult yet can be greatly rewarding. The benefits almost any company with multiple owners (and often even a company with a single owner) can derive from having an excellent and active board are tremendous.

This webinar series, moderated by Jonathan Friedland, is a production of certain chapters of the Private Directors Association®, Executive Forum™, Private Director Symposium™, ChamberWise™ & Financial Poise

Episode 1: Series Preview – Excerpts from all episodes

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Episode 2: Public v. Private & Fiduciary v. Advisory: Different Boards for Different Situations

Panel: Will ClarkeBob Lerner, and Kathleen Murray

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Episode 3: Where the Board’s Duties Stop & the C-Suite’s Duties Begin: An Overview of a Board’s Functions & Fiduciary Duties

Panel: Will Clarke, Allan Grafman, and James Mitchell

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Episode 4: How to Conduct an Effective Board Meeting

Panel: Allan Grafman, Bob Lerner, James Mitchell, and Kathleen Murray

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Episode 5: Committees of a Board & Work Between Board Meetings

Panel: Elaine EisenmanAllan Grafman, and Lori Marcus

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Episode 6: Recruiting & Remunerating Directors & What Directors Should Do Before Saying “Yes”

Panel: Will ClarkeLori Marcus, and Tate Pursell

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Episode 7: Special Issues Require Special Attention: Retaining Experts & Conducting Investigations

Panel: Guillermo Christensen, Derek CohenAllan Grafman, and Andrew Lelling

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Episode 8: Soft Skills Workshop: Leadership, Communication & Trust

Panel: Allan Grafman, Lola Gershfeld, and Ramin Sedehi

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Episode 9: Enterprise Risk Management

Panel: Ed Hida, Kathleen Murray, Jeff Sauntry and Alex Sharpe

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Episode 10: Going into Executive Session

Panel: Christina Rashid and Becky Sharpe

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Episode 11: The Workings of the Audit Committee

Panel: Herbert Chain, Larry King, and Christina Rashid

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Episode 12: The Workings of the Compensation Committee

Panel: Sam Judd and  Alisa Norris

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Episode 13: Advising Companies that Are or May Be Insolvent

Panel: Allan Grafman, Deirdre O’Connor, and Steven Strom

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Episode 14: Boards in Bankruptcy

Panel: Deirdre O’Connor and Steven Strom

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Episode 15: Comparing the LLC Manager & the Corporate Director

With Jeremy Waitzman

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Episode 16: Protecting the Director- The Basics of Indemnification and D&O Insurance

Panel: Allan Grafman, Kevin LaCroix , and Neil Posner

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