Episode 8: Soft Skills Workshop: Leadership, Communication & Trust

Panel: Allan GrafmanLola Gershfeld, and Ramin Sedehi

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Underlying all our interactions are the emotions we are operating with, both consciously and unconsciously. Emotions, and not the content, are the most powerful presence in the room during conflicts and stress. Emotions are the most compelling agents of change.

In this workshop, the eighth episode of Bare Bone Board Basics, we highlight the way to appreciate the importance of developing the emotional language to describe, acknowledge, and address emotions in the workplace using a proven and methodical approach absent in most other EI strategies.

The Emotional Connection strategy or EmC enables board members to connect more effectively, energize a harmonious workplace, and nurture creativity and innovation to achieve unprecedented results. When board members emotionally connect, they help each other and the executive team to reach their full potential and build a thriving culture.

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