Episode 6: Recruiting & Remunerating Directors & What Directors Should Do Before Saying “Yes”

Panel: Will Clarke, Lori Marcus, and Tate Pursell

Download the PowerPoint for this episode.

What qualities and qualifications does an excellent corporate director have? Industry experience? The ability to commit the necessary time? Raw intellect? Courage? Integrity? Who decides? What is the role of the nominating committee?

How does a company go about recruiting new board members? What is the role of executive search firms? If you are a director-for-hire, where are you best off to look for board opportunities?

Once candidates are attracted, how are they vetted? What are the interviews like?  And what should board candidates consider before accepting an offer to serve on a board?

Finally, what does the compensation landscape look like in the private company context?

These are the principal questions this sixth episode of Bare Bone Board Basics will address.