Episode 4: How to Conduct an Effective Board Meeting

Panel: Allan Grafman, Bob Lerner, James Mitchell, and Kathleen Murray

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What does a successful airplane ride have in common with a successful corporate board of directors meeting? Both should be anticlimactic. And both should be preceded with plenty of behind-the-scenes preparation.

This fourth episode of Bare Bone Board Basics puts into play (or, more aptly, puts into a play) some of the best practices used by experienced corporate directors for planning, prepping for, participating in, and following up from a meeting of a company’s board of directors.

While this episode covers the basics mechanics (e.g., recognizing a quorum, calling the meeting to order, approval of the minutes of the prior meeting, etc.), its focus is more substantive. Through the use of hypothetical scenarios, this episode #4 places its panelists into the roles of board members of specific companies addressing a variety of specific issues, with the moderator breaking the “fourth wall” to lead a discussion about their actions, inactions, and reactions. This webinar is of utility to brand new and veteran directors alike.

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