Episode 12: The Workings of the Compensation Committee

Panel: Sam Judd and Alisa Norris

Download the PowerPoint Presentation for this episode.

Since many Compensation Committees review their CEO’s and senior executives’ performance and pay around the beginning of the calendar year, this December topic is very timely.  

There are many variations in the role of the Compensation Committee among private companies, ranging from setting only the pay of the CEO, to writing the CEO’s performance review, to approving the pay of all the CEO’s direct reports. That can involve setting up compensation structures for the whole company, as well as developing sophisticated short- and long-term incentive compensation systems.  Many compensation committees also oversee all human resource topics, including benefits and retirement plans.

This 12th episode of the Bare Bone Board Basics webinar series addresses:

  • the range of roles of the committee;
  • the division of labor between the compensation committee, the other board committees, and the board as a whole;
  • how to structure a compensation committee charter;
  • how to develop a compensation philosophy;
  • when and how to engage compensation consultants;
  • how to structure an annual cadence that covers key committee responsibilities throughout the year.

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