Every corporation has at least some of the legal rights and responsibilities enjoyed by natural persons. As the brain can be said to govern a person’s actions, a board of directors governs the actions of a corporation. And leaving aside some legal nuances, the same can be said of the manager of an LLC. Publicly listed companies have active boards; they must. Historically, many private companies have not, though that has been changing rapidly over the past decade.

The job of a board director can be quite difficult yet can be greatly rewarding.

The benefits almost any company with multiple owners (and often even a company with a single owner) can derive from having an excellent and active board are tremendous.

This webinar series is a production of certain chapters (Alabama, Dallas, DC Metro, Nashville, New England, New York Metro, Tampa Bay & Wisconsin) of the Private Directors Association®, Executive Forum™, Private Director Symposium™, ChamberWise™ & Financial Poise

  1. Series Overview & Preview – Welcome to the (Boardroom) Jungle (available here)
  2. Public v. Private & Fiduciary v. Advisory: Different Boards for Different Situations (January 26th)
  3. Where the Board’s Duties Stop & the C-Suite’s Duties Begin: An Overview of a Board’s Functions & Fiduciary Duties (February 23rd)
  4. How to Conduct a Board Meeting (March 30th)
  5. Committees of a Board & Work Between Board Meetings (April 27th)
  6. Recruiting & Renumerating Directors & What Directors Should Do Before Saying Yes (June 8th)
  7. Special Issues Require Special Attention: Retaining Experts & Conducting Investigations (July 13th)
  8. Soft Skills Workshop: Leadership, Communication & Trust (August 10th)
  9. Enterprise Risk Management (September 14th)
  10. Going into Executive Session (October 12th)
  11. The Workings of the Audit Committee (November 9th)
  12. The Workings of the Compensation Committee (December 14th)

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